Why You Should Rent Where You Live & Own What You Rent

Let’s say you win the lottery or come upon a lump sum of money or take out a loan or make a lot of money and decide to stack some of it. Then one day you decide it will be a good idea to purchase some real estate. You want to purchase at least for a business. You may want to purchase real estate to gift to someone. You may be interested in some  new homes community austin tx or a small condo. You may be looking for a home for a family or maybe a bachelor’s pad. Either way let’s say you are on the prowl for a new property. But how about instead of purchasing real estate to live in for yourself or for your family, you decide to purchase a rental property.

Creating wealth from real estate is not as hard as what people think. Many of the issues that come along with building wealth with real estate have to do with the mindset. If you have the money, then purchasing a property for rental purposes may just be the route to take. Changing your mindset to acquiring rental properties instead of personal properties you plan to live in can create a lucrative stream of income.

One of the best things to do especially early in life is to be growing a portfolio of properties that you will rent out to tenants that will generate rental income. Sometime sit is necessary to rent where you live and own what you rent to give a lot of your time, money, energy and focus onto growing your portfolio of properties. Investing money into real estate will ultimately allow you to get in a good position to where you can purchase the type of home you truly want for yourself or family.

The types of real estate are endless. The two main categories are residential and commercial. Investing in both residential and commercial real estate is a good idea. You have single family homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, mutli-family homes, duplexes and industrial buildings. All of these are great to purchase and rent out.

Be understanding there is a lot that comes along with being a property owner of a property that someone else will be living in. In most cases, it is sometimes easier to hire a property management company or person to oversee that rent is being collected and properties are being kept in. Once your portfolio expands you will have to bring on staff or hire a secondary company to assist you with your growing real estate portfolio. Real estate is one of the best ways to create wealth. People have done this for centuries. This is still a proven way to generate income and build generational wealth. Research properties before buying. Fully educate yourself on being rental property and collecting rent. Create a lucrative stream of income for yourself by having people pay your rent. Then take that money and buy or build your dream home you have always wanted.